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Who Are You… REALLY?

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Have you ever felt like you’ve got a bit lost?

· Where is the real you?

· Who were you when you were younger - before LIFE happened?

· Is that person still there now?

It’s important to know who you REALLY are…

When you connect with the REAL you (aka your higher self or authentic self)

it’s like

· finding the missing link in the form of a best friend who has your wellbeing at the top of their agenda

· or like a new source of warmth, energy and security.

This person KNOWS & RESPECTS your true purpose, strengths

and weaknesses, your passions and fears, your desires and dreams, your

thoughts and feelings, what you loved as a child and what your needs are.

This part of you is where you can reflect on your experiences and consolidate

what has happened in the past and what is happening now in your life.


Here, it is possible to fully accept all parts of you and how you are. It is your wisdom, your inner knowledge, your guidance system and your creativity.  


The benefits of connecting and communicating frequently with the REAL YOU are numerous:

* Decisions become quick, easy and the right ones

* Answers you are looking for become clearer

* You start being honest with yourself and others

* It is easier to set boundaries

* People notice how open you are, feel your warmth and gravitate

towards you

* You feel happy to just BE - no more need to distract yourself from the real world with unwanted habits

* Setbacks become small and manageable as your resilience levels rise

* Your confidence and self-esteem are high

* Knowing where you are heading and why, leads to a deep sense of fullfilment

It doesn’t mean that you no longer have any ups and downs, but you understand that these are only temporary. You are left with a general feeling that all is right with the world…everything is going to be okay.


Before anything else, you need to give some time to connect and communicate with your real self. If you want to discover new insights into who you are or you want to gain clarity, you need to give it some space and time.

That means putting aside your other roles and commitments - even if it’s only for a short time. As with listening properly to someone else, when you listen to yourself it requires your full attention.


Think about times in the past when all felt right with the world and you thought ‘I feel so alive!’

· What was happening?

· Who were you with?

· What made it special…brought you joy, laughter and love?

Writing a few of these down can provide unexpected results. When you actually think about this, it can be surprising how small the things are that make you feel happy and well.


Each moment only happens once -  then that’s it…it’s gone. Finding your REAL self involves YOU CHOOSING what you want to happen.

How do you want to record this moment if you were to write about it in a diary?

When you have a decision to make, ask the question: What do I REALLY want? And then wait for the answer to come to you…unforced. Not what SHOULD I want, but what DO I want?

If the answer doesn’t appear straight away then you either need more time or you may need to come up with some new choices.

You will KNOW when you have got the right answer. If you have any doubts…it’s not the right one!


We all have times when you think…’oh why didn’t I listen to my inner voice -

I knew that was the wrong turning’ or ‘I knew something was wrong.’

Our intuition is there for a reason and can save lives at times.

Learning to respect this inner voice will mean you listen to it more often and start gaining the full benefits of its guidance. It comes from your subconscious mind which knows far more about the REAL you than your conscious mind. Try listening and taking action even if you think your inner voice is wrong……see what happens!

If you have tried these or other methods to connect with your REAL self and are still feeling lost, why not work with me so you can start to gain the benefits of getting to know the REAL you and feeling the deep sense of fulfilment that it brings.

Taking a holistic, heart-led and transformational approach, I can help you change your thinking patterns, giving you freedom and clarity, to lead the life you truly deserve.

To find out how I can help, just call me on: 07976 572544

or email me directly:


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