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My Passion

My passion is to bring the very best out of people.  I love working individually with each client, discovering how to unlock the door to a positive future, where every day is seen as a new opportunity.  We all have it in us to change our lives for the better; my purpose is to help you find this.


I love to listen and I know when it’s right to talk.  My skill is to identify the tools and techniques that are right for you.  With my help, you won’t look back, just forward, taking positive steps towards a place of contentment.  You will gain clarity, inner strength and a zest for life.


Certified Personal Performance Coach

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Certified Thought Field Therapy Practitioner

Continuing Professional Development Award

DiSC Accredited (trained to issue and help interpret your completed personality profile)

My Experience

I trained at the Coaching Academy in London where I learnt Personal Performance Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  My Thought Field Therapy training took place with Robin Ellis, one of the original trainers, using the Callahan Technique.  I have also been coached and mentored by one of the UK’s leading life coaches, Sophia Davis, who I have also had the privilege of coaching.  This is what she said:


'What an extraordinary and perceptive coach you are'

'I have been mentoring Indra for a while now.  All I can say is WOW!!  She is naturally gifted, intuitive, heart-led and sharp, and my session with her was profound.  She is an absolute credit to the coaching profession. I highly recommend her.'

My passion is to bring the very best out of people!

My Story

We all have a story and my own journey helped me discover my purpose in life.  I have been in your shoes, so I understand the feeling of not knowing which way to turn.  This helps me to genuinely identify with you.


After suffering from panic attacks and depression, I eventually admitted that I needed help; it was time to take control of my life.  Through professional support including coaching and mentoring, I experienced dramatic results, by changing my thinking patterns.  My whole outlook on life completely switched.  As my confidence grew, I learnt how to practice a number of techniques on myself, to overcome the difficulties I faced each day.


The change in me was so astounding, that I began to believe anything was possible.  This journey took me from a life of fear, to one that is filled with passion, enthusiasm, joy and laughter.  Through this, I felt it was my purpose to help others, so I trained to become a Life Coach and Mentor.

‘…Her coaching style is very relaxed and I immediately felt at ease.’ 
L.S.  July 2015
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